Captain Vangelis Special Cruises since 1987

GOODBYE SUMMER 2018. Goodbye Friends.
The tourist season here is already finished. Skala , and other resorts look like dead places. ”NIRIIS” is lying at rest at the port of Poros. I feel the need to say a big “THANK YOU” to all of you sailing with “CAPTAIN VANGELIS….” this season, and specially to all of you who spend your time to put your comments in our on board comments book and on TRIP ADVISOR. I read all of your comments and I have to apologize for not being able to respond to each one. I am sorry , no time. I am very happy because by your comments you like “NIRIIS”, you like the cruises that we do and because many of you are returning again and again many times with the same boat and the same cruises. That is not usual. Yes , “NIRIIS” is a very special, valuable, luxurious, safe and modern boat designed and built with LOVE and MERAKI. But even with all these recommendations , there are a few negative comments ( about 14000 passengers sailed with NIRIIS this season) for the boat and for the cruises. It is expected. But this which makes great excitement for me is that in ALL the comments you make special mention with very warm words to the crew of “NIRIIS” and absolutely none was negative.
I owe congratulations and a very big “THANK YOU” to this excellent crew. Through their love for NIRIIS and for what they do, they always do the best and they gave soul to this boat ,they make the difference to my cruises and they make the “CAPTAI VANGELIS CRUISES” special. Thank you Captain Christos, thank you Chris,thank you Fanouris, thank you Panagis, thank you Christos.!!!
Captain Vangelis welcomes you on board and wishes you a pleasant trip.
You are about to set quest for hidden and unreachable beaches of Kefalonia, Ithaca, Fiscardo, and Zakynthos. A quest for care-free, relaxation and fun! Departing from Skala, we organize cruises to Zakynthos, the island with the infamous shipwreck beach and the caved beaches.
You can also take a daily cruise to Ithaca, and explore the island of Ulysses, and take a stroll in the beautiful city of Vathi, or Kioni.
Discover the southeast cost of Kefalonia by sea with stops  at Sami(Mellisani  lake) and Fiskardo, the only untouched village by the devasting 1953 earthquake.In all our cruises you enjoy two swimming stops at selected beaches.  Our love for the sea, our 40 year nautical experience and our hospitality guarantee that you will have an interesting, safe, and pleasant cruise!